Training Providers who become members of the Motorcycle Industry Trainers Association (MCITA) agree to abide by the standards outlined in this document. These standards reflect the position of trust that clients (or students) put in training providers and their expectations in regards to safe and effective training.

As a member of the MCITA it is expected that the following standards would be regarded as the minimum level required in each category, and that in most cases, training providers would aspire to exceed these standards. The MCITA exists to continuously raise standards in motorcycle training and will therefore maintain these standards at alltimes, working with members where appropriate to help and advise on viable improvements to their businesses when requested. 

Personal Standards

Where ever relevant and appropriate a Training Provider . will at all times:

  • Treat clients in a professional manner and with respect and consideration.
  • Refrain from any unnecessary physical contact with students.
  • Maintain an acceptable level of personal hygiene and presentation.
  • Act in a way which will provide the best possible example to riders during training.
  • Refrain from the use of language, improper suggestions, descriptions or comments that could be interpreted as racist or sexist or likely to cause offence.
  • Refrain from acting in a discriminatory way or a manner which could represent a breach of UK legislation.
  • Provide CRB checks if appropriate, especially when dealing with young people under the age of 18.


In consideration of the facilities provided, a Training Provider will act to ensure:

  • That where a classroom or other facilities are provided they are maintained to a reasonable standard. Toilet facilities, if provided, should be clearly signed and kept to an acceptable standard of cleanliness.
  • >Locations selected for training and briefing should at all times take into account the students wellbeing and comfort.
  • Off-road training areas used are operated in compliance with DVSA regulations
  • All off-road areas are operated in agreement and with approval of the owner/leaseholder if the area is not owned (directly or via lease agreement) by the Training Provider


Where ever relevant and appropriate a Training Provider will ensure:

  • They carry the appropriate DVSA approval.
  • All courses or sections of courses, are carried out by trainers who are appropriately qualified (i.e. DAS or CBT qualified).
  • That safety clothing and equipment appropriate to the training task is used at all times.
  • That all clients are dressed appropriately at all times, using the required safety equipment.
  • That the training conducted reflects the requirements of the student, and that eachindividual student is given the best possible chance of successfully completing their course.
  • That all training strictly adheres to regulations and requirements as laid down by the DVSA.
  • All CBT courses incorporate a full 2 hour road ride as laid down in the DVSA regulations.
  • That during all aspects of training all legal requirements affecting the specific training tasks are adhered to.
  • Responsibility is taken to exercise due diligence to ensure any machine provided by and used by a student is fully road legal – with a current tax and MOT and valid insurance.
  • That any bike supplied by the student is safe and mechanically fit to be used for training and where this is not deemed to be the case, that appropriate action is taken.
  • All machines provided to students for use within a training course are subject to a standard daily check before use.
  • A service history is kept and records are checked for all machines used in training, where possible.
  • That all students are dressed appropriately and use the required safety equipment at all times.
  • Any equipment supplied is 'fit for purpose.'
  • Accurate and up to date records of training and progress are kept and made available to students at any time during or after their course, if requested


Where ever relevant and appropriate a Training Provider will ensure:

  • That their business complies with all Corporate and Business legislation appropriate for the status of the business (Sole Trader, Partnership, LLP, Franchise or Limited Company).
  • Compliance with Health and Safety regulations.
  • That their business has sound financial records and that all monies paid to the business as deposits or pre-payments for test are safeguarded against loss.
  • That written receipts/invoices are issued for payments made and received.
  • Compliance with all Advertising Standards Authority guidelines ensuring that all advertising and promotional activity is legal, decent and honest.
  • That all students are provided with full terms and conditions of the business, all prices, course structures and timings, limitation of service and cancellation policies before commencement of their course.
  • A formal complaints procedure is in place and is made available to students on request.
  • Their businesses are properly protected through a trade insurance policy and that students can access this policy document on request.

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