Thank you for visiting our website. We are a friendly and enthusiastic motorcycle training school, where we are passionate about the quality of the training and customer service we deliver. We provide all forms of motorcycle training, from CBT through to DAS and onto advanced training, 7 days a week. With never more than 2 customers to 1 instructor, there is lots of individual attention with no large groups spoiling the enjoyment of learning to ride a motorcycle. Being an approved and regulated Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) training establishment, you can be assured that all our instructors are fully DVSA qualified, assessed and enthusiastic motorcyclists themselves. Our motorcycle fleet, equipment and facilities are maintained to a high standard. Learn2Ride Motorcycle Training is proud to be a member company of 'The Motorcycle Industry Training Association' (MCITA), whose standards we diligently uphold.

Why learn to ride a motorcycle?

There are many good reasons for wanting to learn to ride a motorcycle, which could be in connection with work, commuting to and from work or riding purely for fun, whatever the reason, the one thing you can be certain of is all motorcyclists derive a great deal of pleasure from riding. We have all been stuck in a car, in traffic, on a hot day, wishing we could do what the guy on the bike who had just filtered pass us was doing, enjoying the unhindered journey knowing you will arrive at your destination on time. Imagine a ride-out with friends during a warm summer's day through beautiful countryside or even a trip down to the coast.

Cheap transport costs are also another big plus point, as is no hassle parking, it is easy and you never need to pay, step off your bike and step into work, or the shops or anywhere you wish to go, there are no congestion charges, you can use the bus lanes (where permitted) all of these advantages and more are available to you, as well as doing your bit towards making our country that little bit greener.

There are very few downsides to riding, one being the weather, but with proper clothing you can be warm and dry no matter how inclement the weather may be. Another one is the obvious danger associated with being on two wheels, unlike a car you do not have the protection of a metal cage around you, Of course this is where professional training is not just important but vital to your future safety whilst riding motorcycles. As with most things quality and price can vary, it is important that you choose carefully your choice of training provider. Do not make the mistake of being swayed by cost alone, you can not put a price on your personal safety. We stand by our pledge to provide you with competitive high quality training that will exceed your expectations. To us the quality of the training we provide is what matters the most.

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We are DVSA Approved & members of the MCITA

DVSA approved and MCITA member

Give us a call on 01908 694 333