Some Useful Information About The Motorcycle Theory Test

The motorcycle theory test

Before you can take your practical tests you have to take and pass the theory test. This was introduced in 1996 and then updated in 2002 and now includes the hazard perception test, this test is taken at a DVSA Theory Test Centre with a computer screen and mouse. 

From 28 September 2009 the driving theory test changed, as a result some motorcycle multiple choice questions will be given as a case study. 

The theory test consists of two parts, there is the multiple choice part and the hazard perception part and to be successful you must pass both parts. Once you have passed both parts you can then apply to take your practical motorcycle tests. Watch this video to find out what to expect from the hazard perception test. 

A Theory test is not required for the completion of a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training). Although a sound knowledge of 'The Highway Code' is essential for CBT. 


This test consists of a variety of subjects including traffic signs, road conditions, weather and many others. You will be given instructions on how the test is carried out, you can also have a practise session to get an idea of the test. After your practice session the real test will begin. The screen will give a question with several possible answers, simply touch the screen to select the right answer. You have 57 minutes to answer 50 questions, but you will need to answer correctly at least 43 of them to pass.


You will be shown 14 video clips of everyday road scenarios. Again you will be given instructions on how the test is carried out. As soon as you see a hazard starting to develop click the mouse button, you will then be scored on how quickly you were able to spot the hazard – the longer you take to respond, the lower your score will be. You must score at least 44 out of a possible 75 to pass. After both tests you will be given the results.

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